Charlotte Trolley Could Get Back on Track

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — You could soon have a new way to get around Charlotte, and it’s one you may have seen before.

The trolley was a popular tourist attraction for years, but it was scrapped when the light rail took over its tracks.
Car 85 is in semi-retirement housed at the CATS light rail facility, but  the trolley may soon get another gig. The Charlotte Trolley group just  announced their plans to get it “Back on Track.”
Wells Fargo donated $15,000 to the effort and the group already has its  sights on the stretch of track that runs along Bank of America Stadium  in uptown.

Mary Dominick remembers riding the Charlotte trolley as a kid.
“I think it would be great, really good for the city,” said Dominick.  “It was always festive, always really fun,” she said.  She could soon get another chance.
Dr.Dan Morrill is a Charlotte historian who once spearheaded the trolley effort. “The great thing about the streetcar…highly affordable, and it can be that in the future,” said Morrill.
The Charlotte trolley group says they need money to get the car up and running again but could make that happen by next April.